Investing for our customers

We are enhancing our service and technology to make payroll easier for schools and to improve results for schools’ staff.

The current payroll system is continuously improving, and delivers highly accurate results. But managing the payroll is still more difficult for schools than it needs to be, and our system requires a lot of manual processing to make sure school staff are paid properly.

In addition, our current technology is standing in the way of the improvements we need to make. It’s too old and doesn’t have the right capabilities.

In late 2016 the Government approved our strategy to create a fully on-line service by 2020. This investment will provide a simpler, sustainable, and cost-effective payroll system for the following decade.

We are working closely with schools and their representatives to develop the new features of the payroll system. We’ll be piloting and testing all the changes in partnership with about 100 schools, and then rolling them out to all schools – in planned stages and with plenty of support.

Follow the links below for further information on the program.

Executive Summary of Business Case (.pdf, 1Mb)

Detailed Business Case (.pdf, 5Mb)