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Chief ExecutiveWellingtonApril 2024

Role overview

The Hautū Finance and Performance plays a pivotal role in driving quality financial management, insightful enterprise reporting, robust risk and assurance management and enterprise procurement strategies.

The role leads the Finance and Performance team to provide quality advice, information and insights, using their expertise and diverse skill sets to support delivery of EPL’s strategic priorities.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities

Strategic finance and investment management

  • Collaborate with senior leaders to develop long-term financial plans and initiatives that support organisational growth and sustainability.
  • Lead the accountant function to ensure financial outcomes are aligned with organisational goals. This work includes budgeting, forecasting, and investment planning.

Financial management and management accounting

  • Responsible for ensuring EPL’s day to day financial management and accounting functions meet the appropriate legislative, public sector and accounting standards.

Enterprise audit, compliance and risk management

  • Provide internal and coordinate external audit and assurance functions across EPL, including payroll processing activities.

Quality assurance and management

  • Identify, assess and mitigate business and financial risks by using robust risk management practices, internal controls, and compliance measures to safeguard assets and maintain integrity.

Enterprise performance monitoring and reporting

  • Ensure monitoring and reporting approaches keep stakeholders informed of progress in implementing agreed strategies and of their effectiveness in achieving objectives.

Customer insights

  • Deliver in-depth analysis of financial and operational performance metrics, identifying areas for improvement and providing actionable recommendations to drive efficiency and value for money.

Enterprise procurement and contract management

  • Ensure procurement processes and vendor relationships maximise value, quality and efficiency across EPL’s supply chain.

Leadership expectations

Lead self

Demonstrate the EPL values – Treat everyone with respect; work as a team; make things easier; improve through understanding; learn through doing.

  • Maintain positive relationships.
  • Hold yourself accountable.
  • Be agile and adaptive.
  • Show courage.

Lead people

  • Build trust and connection and have regular conversations to discuss performance, wellbeing, and development.
  • Build and maintain an engaged, inclusive, and high performing team to deliver on current and future work priorities.
  • Set and communicate clear performance expectations (delivery and behaviours). Hold team members accountable for their performance and address under performance (including behavioural issues) early.
  • Empower and support performance and growth through coaching, honest feedback, positive reinforcement, and development opportunities.
  • Recruit, onboard and offboard employees in a way that enhances the employee experience.

Lead EPL

Strategic planning
  • Actively contribute to creating and maintaining a strategy that aligns actions, plans and resources with business objectives.
Business planning
  • Plan and take actions that ensure a sustainable workforce now and into the future, including developing succession plans.
  • Define and prioritise initiatives across the medium and short term that align with the EPL strategy and objectives.
Financial management and strategic financial management
  • Make decisions that support the effective use and control of EPL financial resources, within budget and delegations.
  • Ensure financial decisions align with the long-term goals of EPL, maximise value and mitigate risk.
Risk management
  • Identify, assess, mitigate and record risks arising from internal process, people, systems or external events that could potentially disrupt business operations and/or breach legislative requirements.
  • Escalate risks that cannot be sufficiently mitigated within your span of control.
  • Take collective responsibility for enterprise risk management and understand the cumulative impact of risks across the organisation.
Contract and supplier relationship management
  • Actively manage contracts for supplies and products in a way that ensures delivery in accordance with the agreed performance standards and provides value for money in EPL.
Customer orientation, continuous improvement and quality assurance
  • Consider the customer perspective, needs and satisfaction in all aspects of business strategy and operations.
  • Approach operations with a continuous improvement mindset, working to enhance products, processes and services incrementally over time.
  • Assure performance and quality objectives are being met through regular assessments and reviews. Take appropriate action where performance is below standard.

Required experience, skills and knowledge

  • Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) or equivalent.
  • Tertiary qualification in a relevant field.
  • Substantial experience in or understanding of public sector accounting at a senior level and state sector legislation, specifically the Public Service Act and the Public Finance Act.
  • Experience in providing strategic advice to senior leaders.
  • Experience in leading an organisation wide performance monitoring and reporting function.
  • Experience developing and presenting material for a Board.
  • Experience of assurance and audit management processes and the ability to implement and monitor these.
  • Proven ability to pivot between strategic and operational.
  • Political nous and a proven track record of building and maintaining the trust and confidence of board, colleagues and strategic partners.

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