We are replacing Novopay with a fully online service called EdPay. This will improve the timeliness, accuracy and quality of information.

By moving fully online, we will increase automation, removing many of the pain points for schools’ payroll administrators, particularly processes based on lengthy, manual forms.

We’re making EdPay intuitive and easy to use. We’ll make it easy for users to get things right – and hard to get them wrong. Schools will also have a lot of useful information at their fingertips that they don’t have now, including the ability to see payroll information and employment terms for all school staff, in one place.

(The personal information in the below screenshots is fictional – click to enlarge)

edpay - welcome screen 04 Sept 2019 edpay - add new employee 04 Sept 2019 edpay - employee details 04 Sept 2019

We are engaging with schools early

We began trialling EdPay with payroll administrators and principals with 11 schools in March 2019, adding a further 15 in May, and increased to 200 in July. Based on their feedback, we offered it to an additional 1000 schools in September, and rolled it out to the rest before the end of the year.

EdPay is now available to all schools.


EdPay does not yet have all of the functions of the existing forms-based service, and these are being built in stages. So far it can be used to view and edit employee details, add new employees, set up short-term relievers, and terminate contracts.

Schools that have access to EdPay will automatically see the new features as they are ready. This means schools will be using both EdPay and the existing service together for a while.

Schools are still supported by their dedicated payroll advisers.


EdPay Employee Details Form updated October 2020 (PDF)

Education Payroll Privacy Statement (PDF)

User Guides

Add a new employee (PDF)

Change financial details (PDF)

Change pay details (PDF)

Change personal details (PDF)

New user frequently asked questions (PDF)

Terminations (PDF)

Onboarding (PDF)

Allowances (PDF)

The 2016 Detailed Business Case for a better schools’ payroll

Executive Summary of Business Case (PDF)

Detailed Business Case (PDF)