Around 1200 schools have access to EdPay

Education Payroll has made the new online schools’ payroll service EdPay available to around 1200 schools in September 2019.
There’s been a core group schools that have been trailing EdPay and helping to shape its features since March, and that’s been critical to producing a payroll service that works for schools.
The big learnings from the legacy payroll service Novopay were that any replacement had to be designed with schools, built in stages, and only rolled out when it was ready and schools were ready.
EdPay is the online replacement for Novopay, being built by Education Payroll, the schools’ payroll crown entity that was set up in 2014. Education Payroll has since stabilised Novopay, and has been building its replacement EdPay. Where Novopay was a forms-based payroll service, EdPay is online and highly automated. New features are being built and added all the time after rigorous testing. So far schools can use EdPay to add new employees, end contracts and change personal and financial details. Schools will have dual access to the two payroll systems until all payroll features are available in EdPay in 2020.
Schools are saying they like the look and feel of the new service and that it’s a big step up. Education Payroll is listening to schools’ feedback and constantly making improvements based on their suggestions.
Most schools will have been offered EdPay by the end of term four.

20 September 2019