Retiring Novopay underway

EdPay is the new online schools’ payroll service.

Education Payroll has begun the process of retiring the old forms-based payroll system Novopay. The first NOVO forms that schools use to give payroll instructions to Education Payroll were retired in June. The lengthy, complicated forms NOVO 1t and 1nt were used to add new employees, which is now done via the new online schools’ payroll service EdPay. In the future EdPay will replace Novopay entirely.

As features are built and approved by schools, the corresponding form will be retired. In the first week after retiring the NOVO1s, 94 percent of schools used EdPay instead. Chief Executive Arlene White says that’s an encouraging result.

“We don’t force schools to use EdPay, so when they’re using it in such high numbers, it means we’ve got the design right. We’re looking forward to putting several more forms on the chopping block in the coming months.”
EdPay is continuing to evolve, with new features being regularly delivered to schools.

19 June 2020